V$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS displays all the interconnects that Oracle is aware of. This view attempts to answer the question of where Oracle found the information about a specific interconnect.

Column Datatype Description
NAME VARCHAR2(15) Name of the interconnect (such as eth0)
IP_ADDRESS VARCHAR2(16) IP address of the interconnect
IS_PUBLIC VARCHAR2(4) If the value is YES, the interface is known to the public.

If the value is NO, the interface is known to be private. Note that if the CLUSTER_INTERCONNETS initialization parameter is also specified, then it is expected that the interconnect is private. Oracle expects cluster traffic to be run on private interconnects only.

If the value is empty, it is unknown whether the interface is public or private.

Oracle Corporation recommends that you set the interface for Real Application Clusters (RAC) communication in the Oracle Cluster Repository (OCR).

SOURCE VARCHAR2(31) Indicates where this interface was picked up from:
  • Oracle Cluster Repository - Interface was configured in the OCR and Oracle Database found the interface in the OCR

  • Operating-system dependent software - Oracle Database automatically detects this

  • CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS parameter - This initialization parameter was set