V$LOGSTDBY_STATE provides consolidated information from V$LOGSTDBY and V$LOGSTDBY_STATS about the running state of Logical Standby.

Column Datatype Description
PRIMARY_DBID NUMBER Database ID (DBID) of the primary database
SESSION_ID NUMBER LogMiner session ID allocated to SQL Apply.
REALTIME_APPLY VARCHAR2(64) Y indicates that SQL Apply is running in real-time apply mode. If a standby redo log is configured, SQL Apply applies changes as they are written to the standby redo log files. N indicates that SQL Apply applies changes as each archived redo log file is received.
  • INITIALIZING: LogMiner session has been created and coordinator has attached to it
  • LOADING DICTIONARY: SQL Apply is loading the LogMiner dictionary

  • WAITING ON GAP: SQL Apply is waiting for a log file to be sent from the primary database

  • APPLYING: SQL Apply is actively mining or applying transactions

  • WAITING FOR DICTIONARY LOGS: SQL Apply is waiting for the archived logs containing the LogMiner dictionary to be shipped from the primary database

  • IDLE: SQL Apply has applied all changes available at the logical standby, and is caught up with the primary database