V$OFFLINE_RANGE displays datafile offline information from the control file. Note that the last offline range of each datafile is kept in the DATAFILE record.

An offline range is created for a datafile when its tablespace is first altered to be OFFLINE NORMAL or READ ONLY, and then subsequently altered to be ONLINE or read/write. Note that no offline range is created if the datafile itself is altered to be OFFLINE or if the tablespace is altered to be OFFLINE IMMEDIATE.

See Also:

Column Datatype Description
STAMP NUMBER Record stamp
FILE# NUMBER Datafile number
OFFLINE_CHANGE# NUMBER SCN at which offlined
ONLINE_CHANGE# NUMBER SCN at which onlined
ONLINE_TIME DATE Time of offline SCN
RESETLOGS_CHANGE# NUMBER Resetlogs change number of the record
RESETLOGS_TIME DATE Resetlogs timestamp of the record