V$PX_SESSTAT contains information about the sessions running parallel execution.

Column Datatype Description
SADDR RAW(4 | 8) Session address
SID NUMBER Session identifier
SERIAL# NUMBER Session serial number
QCSID NUMBER Session identifier of the parallel coordinator
QCSERIAL# NUMBER Session serial number of the parallel coordinator
QCINST_ID NUMBER Instance number on which the parallel coordinator is running
SERVER_GROUP NUMBER The logical group of servers to which this cluster database process belongs
SERVER_SET NUMBER The logical set of servers that this cluster database process belongs to. A single server group will have at most two server sets.
SERVER# NUMBER The logical number of the cluster database process within a server set
DEGREE NUMBER The degree of parallelism being used by the server set
REQ_DEGREE NUMBER The degree of parallelism that was requested by the user when the statement was issued and prior to any resource, multi-user, or load balancing reductions
STATISTIC# NUMBER Statistic number
VALUE NUMBER Statistic value