V$RESTORE_POINT displays information about restore points.

Column Datatype Description
SCN NUMBER Database SCN when the restore point was created
DATABASE_INCARNATION# NUMBER Database incarnation number when the restore point was created
GUARANTEE_FLASHBACK_DATABASE VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether flashback log files will be kept to ensure a flashback to this point (YES) or not (NO)
STORAGE_SIZE NUMBER Approximate number of bytes of disk space currently tied up supporting this restore point. This will only be nonzero for guaranteed restore points.
TIME TIMESTAMP(9) Wall-clock time when the restore point was created
RESTORE_POINT_TIME TIMESTAMP(9) Time that was specified when the restore point was created. If a time was not specified, this value is NULL.
PRESERVED VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether the restore point must be explicitly deleted (YES) or not (NO)
NAME VARCHAR2(128) Name of the restore point