V$STREAMS_MESSAGE_TRACKING displays information about LCRs tracked through the stream that are processed by each Streams client. Use the DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.SET_MESSAGE_TRACKING procedure to specify a tracking label that becomes part of each LCR generated by the current session.

If the actions parameter in the DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.SET_MESSAGE_TRACKING procedure is set to DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.ACTION_MEMORY, then information about the LCRs is tracked in memory and this view is populated with information about the LCRs. If the actions parameter is set to DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.ACTION_TRACE, then this view is not populated and information about the LCRs is sent to the trace files at each database.

Column Datatype Description
TRACKING_LABEL VARCHAR2(30) User-specified tracking label
TAG RAW(30) First 30 bytes of the tag of the LCR
COMPONENT_NAME VARCHAR2(30) Name of the component that processed the LCR
COMPONENT_TYPE VARCHAR2(30) Type of the component that processed the LCR
ACTION VARCHAR2(50) Action performed on the LCR
ACTION_DETAILS VARCHAR2(100) Details of the action
TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP(13) WITH TIME ZONE Time when the action was performed
MESSAGE_CREATION_TIME DATE Time when the message was created
TRACKING_ID RAW(16) Globally unique OID of the LCR
SOURCE_DATABASE_NAME VARCHAR2(128) Name of the source database
OBJECT_OWNER VARCHAR2(30) Owner of the object
OBJECT_NAME VARCHAR2(30) Name of the object
XID VARCHAR2(22) Transaction ID
COMMAND_TYPE VARCHAR2(30) Command type of the LCR