Property Description
Parameter type String
Syntax CREATE_STORED_OUTLINES = { true | false | category_name } [NOOVERRIDE]
Default value There is no default value.
Basic No

CREATE_STORED_OUTLINES determines whether Oracle automatically creates and stores an outline for each query submitted during the session.


  • true

    Enables automatic outline creation for subsequent queries in the same session. These outlines receive a unique system-generated name and are stored in the DEFAULT category. If a particular query already has an outline defined for it in the DEFAULT category, then that outline will remain and a new outline will not be created.

  • false

    Disables automatic outline creation during the session. This is the default.

  • category_name

    Enables the same behavior as true except that any outline created during the session is stored in the category_name category.


    NOOVERRIDE specifies that this system setting will not override the setting for any session in which this parameter was explicitly set. If you do not specify NOOVERRIDE, then this setting takes effect in all sessions.

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