Property Description
Parameter type Big integer
Syntax JAVA_POOL_SIZE = integer [K | M | G]
Default value If SGA_TARGET is set: If the parameter is not specified, then the default is 0 (internally determined by the Oracle Database). If the parameter is specified, then the user-specified value indicates a minimum value for the memory pool.

If SGA_TARGET is not set: 24 MB, rounded up to the nearest granule size

Range of values Minimum: 0 (values greater than zero are rounded up to the nearest granule size)

Maximum: operating system-dependent

Basic No

JAVA_POOL_SIZE specifies (in bytes) the size of the Java pool, from which the Java memory manager allocates most Java state during runtime execution. This memory includes the shared in-memory representation of Java method and class definitions, as well as the Java objects that are migrated to the Java session space at end-of-call.

See Also:

Oracle Database Java Developer's Guide for information on adjusting this parameter