ALL_SCHEDULER_CREDENTIALS displays information about the credentials accessible to the current user (that is, those credentials that the user has ALTER or EXECUTE privileges for).

Related Views

  • DBA_SCHEDULER_CREDENTIALS displays information about all credentials in the database.

  • USER_SCHEDULER_CREDENTIALS displays information about the credentials owned by the current user. This view does not display the OWNER column.

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Owner of the Scheduler credential
CREDENTIAL_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the Scheduler credential
USERNAME VARCHAR2(64) NOT NULL Name of the user that will be used to log in to the remote database or operating system
DATABASE_ROLE VARCHAR2(7)   For a database target, the database role to use when logging in:


WINDOWS_DOMAIN VARCHAR2(30)   For a Windows target, the Windows domain to use when logging in
COMMENTS VARCHAR2(240)   Comments on the credential