DBA_2PC_PENDING describes distributed transactions awaiting recovery.

Column Datatype NULL Description
LOCAL_TRAN_ID VARCHAR2(22) NOT NULL String of form: n.n.n; n is a number
GLOBAL_TRAN_ID VARCHAR2(169)   Globally unique transaction ID
STATE VARCHAR2(16) NOT NULL Collecting, prepared, committed, forced commit, or forced rollback
MIXED VARCHAR2(3)   YES indicates part of the transaction committed and part rolled back
ADVICE VARCHAR2(1)   C for commit, R for rollback, else NULL
TRAN_COMMENT VARCHAR2(255)   Text for commit work comment text
FAIL_TIME DATE NOT NULL Value of SYSDATE when the row was inserted (transaction or system recovery)
FORCE_TIME DATE   Time of manual force decision (null if not forced locally)
RETRY_TIME DATE NOT NULL Time automatic recovery (RECO) last tried to recover the transaction
OS_USER VARCHAR2(64)   Operating system-specific name for the end-user
OS_TERMINAL VARCHAR2(255)   Operating system-specific name for the end-user terminal
HOST VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the host machine for the end-user
DB_USER VARCHAR2(30)   Oracle user name of the end-user at the topmost database
COMMIT# VARCHAR2(16)   Global commit number for committed transactions