DBA_ADDM_INSTANCES provides instance-level information for ADDM tasks that finished executing. For each instance that was supposed to be analyzed (whether it was or not) there is one row describing information about it.

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USER_ADDM_INSTANCES provides instance-level information for ADDM tasks that finished executing in all instances owned by the current user.

Column Datatype NULL Description
TASK_ID NUMBER NOT NULL The ID of the main ADDM task
INSTANCE_NUMBER NUMBER NOT NULL The number of the instance
INSTANCE_NAME VARCHAR2(16)   The name of the instance
HOST_NAME VARCHAR2(64)   The name of the machine on which the instance was running
STATUS VARCHAR2(10)   How information from this instance was used by the ADDM task.

A value of ANALYZED means that the instance participated fully in the analysis. For the following remaining values, the instance was not used during task execution, for the stated reason:

BOUNCED - the instance was shut down or started during the analysis period

NO_SNAPS - there were either begin or end snapshots missing for the instance

NO_STATS - there were key statistics missing for the instance

NOT_FOUND - no mention of this instance could be found in AWR during the analysis period

DATABASE_TIME NUMBER   The database time, in microseconds, accumulated by this instance during the analysis period
ACTIVE_SESSIONS NUMBER   The average number of active sessions for the instance during the analysis period
PERC_ACTIVE_SESS NUMBER   The percentage of active sessions for this instance, out of the total active sessions for the task
LOCAL_TASK_ID NUMBER   The ID of a local ADDM task that contained an analysis of the instance for the same analysis period as that of the main task. If the main task is a local ADDM, then this value is the same as the TASK_ID value.