DBA_ADVISOR_TASKS displays information about all tasks in the database. The view contains one row for each task. Each task has a name that is unique to the owner. Task names are just informational and no uniqueness is enforced within any other namespace.

Related View

USER_ADVISOR_TASKS displays information about the tasks owned by the current user. This view does not display the OWNER column.

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Owner of the task
TASK_ID NUMBER NOT NULL Unique identifier of the task
TASK_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the task
DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(256)   User-supplied description of the task
ADVISOR_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Advisor associated with the task
CREATED DATE NOT NULL Creation date of the task
LAST_MODIFIED DATE NOT NULL Date on which the task was last modified
PARENT_TASK_ID NUMBER   Identifier of the parent task (if the task was created as a result of the recommendation of another task)
PARENT_RXEC_ID NUMBER   Identifier of the recommendation within the parent task that resulted in the creation of the task
LAST_EXECUTION VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the current or last task execution
EXECUTION_TYPE VARCHAR2(30)   Type of the last execution. This information is optional for single-execution tasks.
EXECUTION_TYPE# NUMBER   Reserved for internal use
EXECUTION_DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(256)   Optional description of the last execution
EXECUTION_START DATE   Execution start date and time of the task
EXECUTION_END DATE   Execution end date and time of the task
STATUS VARCHAR2(11)   Current operational status of the task:
  • INITIAL - Initial state of the task; no recommendations are present

  • EXECUTING - Task is currently running

  • INTERRUPTED - Task analysis was interrupted by the user. Recommendation data, if present, can be viewed and reported at this time.

  • COMPLETED - Task successfully completed the analysis operation. Recommendation data can be viewed and reported.

  • ERROR - An error occurred during the analysis operation. Recommendations, if present, can be viewed and reported at this time.

STATUS_MESSAGE VARCHAR2(4000)   Informational message provided by the advisor regarding the status
PCT_COMPLETION_TIME NUMBER   Percent completion, in terms of time, of the task when it is executing
PROGRESS_METRIC NUMBER   Metric that measures the progress of the task in terms of quality. Each advisor may have its own metric.
METRIC_UNITS VARCHAR2(64)   Unit of the metric used to measure progress
ACTIVITY_COUNTER NUMBER   Counter that is updated frequently by the advisor, denoting that useful work is being performed
RECOMMENDATION_COUNT NUMBER   Number of recommendations produced
ERROR_MESSAGE VARCHAR2(4000)   Informational message or an error message indicating the current operation or condition
SOURCE VARCHAR2(30)   Optional name that identifies the creator of the task
HOW_CREATED VARCHAR2(30)   Optional task or template on which the object was based
READ_ONLY VARCHAR2(5)   Indicates whether the task is read-only (TRUE) or not (FALSE)
SYSTEM_TASK VARCHAR2(5)   Indicates whether the task is a system task (TRUE) or not (FALSE). The automatic sql tuning task, SYS_AUTO_SQL_TUNING_TASK, is one example of a system task.
ADVISOR_ID NUMBER NOT NULL Unique identifier for the advisor
STATUS# NUMBER   Reserved for internal use