DBA_HIST_BASELINE_METADATA displays metadata information for the baseline.

Column Datatype NULL Description
BASELINE_ID NUMBER NOT NULL Internal ID for the baseline
BASELINE_NAME VARCHAR2(64)   User-specified name for the baseline
BASELINE_TYPE VARCHAR2(13)   The baseline type, as follows:

STATIC - baselines that are created manually by the user

MOVING WINDOW - baselines that have dynamic start and end snapshot IDs

GENERATED - baselines that are automatically generated by the system, using a template

START_SNAP_ID NUMBER   Start snapshot ID for the baseline
END_SNAP_ID NUMBER   End snapshot ID for the baseline
MOVING_WINDOW_SIZE NUMBER   If BASELINE_TYPE is MOVING WINDOW, this field is the size of the moving window in number of days.

If NULL, then the window size is the value of the AWR retention setting.

CREATION_TIME DATE   Time the baseline was created
EXPIRATION NUMBER   How long to keep the baseline, in number of days. If the value is NULL, the baseline will be kept forever.
TEMPLATE_NAME VARCHAR2(64)   Name of the template that created this baseline, if any
LAST_TIME_COMPUTED DATE   Last time that statistics were computed on the baseline