DBA_HIST_SERVICE_STAT displays the history of important service statistics tracked by the Workload Repository. The call rate statistics in this view can be used for making run-time routing decisions, for tracking service levels, and for per-instance diagnostics per call rate.

The elapsed timing for each call provides a relative value across instances for how well a node is processing SQL calls issued under a service name. When aggregation is enabled for the service name, this view provides historical data on the timing and work done for calls issued for the whole service. This view contains information from V$SERVICE_STATS.

Column Datatype NULL Description
SNAP_ID NUMBER   Unique snapshot ID
DBID NUMBER   Database ID for the snapshot
INSTANCE_NUMBER NUMBER   Instance number for the snapshot
SERVICE_NAME_HASH NUMBER   Hash of the service name
SERVICE_NAME VARCHAR2(64)   Name of the service
STAT_ID NUMBER   Statistic identifier
STAT_NAME VARCHAR2(64)   Statistic name
VALUE NUMBER   Value of the statistic