DBA_OUTLINE_HINTS describes the set of hints stored in all outlines in the database.

Related View

USER_OUTLINE_HINTS describes the set of hints stored in the outlines owned by the current user. This view does not display the OWNER column.

Column Datatype NULL Description
NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the outline
OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the user who created the outline
NODE NUMBER   ID of the query or subquery to which the hint applies. The top-level query is labeled 1. Subqueries are assigned sequentially numbered labels, starting with 2.
STAGE NUMBER   Outline hints can be applied at three different stages during the compilation process. This column indicates the stage at which this hint was applied.
JOIN_POS NUMBER   Position of the table in the join order. The value is 0 for all hints except access method hints, which identify a table to which the hint and the join position apply.
HINT VARCHAR2(512)   Text of the hint