DBA_SQL_PATCHES displays the set of SQL patches.

Column Datatype NULL Description
NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the SQL patch
CATEGORY VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Category of the SQL patch
SIGNATURE NUMBER NOT NULL Unique identifier generated from normalized SQL text
SQL_TEXT CLOB NOT NULL Un-normalized SQL text
CREATED TIMESTAMP(6) NOT NULL Timestamp when the SQL patch was created
LAST_MODIFIED TIMESTAMP(6)   Timestamp when the SQL patch was last modified
DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(500)   Text description provided for the SQL patch
STATUS VARCHAR2(8)   Status of the SQL patch:


FORCE_MATCHING VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether the signature is force matching (YES) or exact matching (NO)
TASK_ID NUMBER   Advisor task ID that generated the SQL patch
TASK_EXEC_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Advisor execution name for the SQL patch
TASK_OBJ_ID NUMBER   Advisor object ID for the SQL patch
TASK_FND_ID NUMBER   Advisor finding ID for the SQL patch
TASK_REC_ID NUMBER   Advisor recommendation ID for the SQL patch