DBA_SQLTUNE_STATISTICS displays statistics associated with all SQL statements in the database.

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USER_SQLTUNE_STATISTICS displays statistics associated with the SQL statements owned by the current user.

Column Datatype NULL Description
TASK_ID NUMBER(38) NOT NULL Tuning task identifier
OBJECT_ID NUMBER(38) NOT NULL Advisor framework object identifier
PARSING_SCHEMA_ID NUMBER   Schema under which the SQL is parsed
MODULE VARCHAR2(48)   Last application module recorded for the SQL
ACTION VARCHAR2(32)   Last application action recorded for the SQL
ELAPSED_TIME NUMBER   Elapsed time for the SQL statement
CPU_TIME NUMBER   CPU time for the SQL
BUFFER_GETS NUMBER   Number of buffer gets
DISK_READS NUMBER   Number of disk reads
DIRECT_WRITES NUMBER   Number of disk writes
ROWS_PROCESSED NUMBER   Number of rows processed by the SQL
FETCHES NUMBER   Number of fetches
EXECUTIONS NUMBER   Number of executions
END_OF_FETCH_COUNT NUMBER   End of fetch count
OPTIMIZER_COST NUMBER   Optimizer cost for the SQL
OPTIMIZER_ENV RAW(1000)   Optimizer environment