DBA_SUBSCR_REGISTRATIONS displays information about all subscription registrations in the database.

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USER_SUBSCR_REGISTRATIONS displays information about the subscription registrations owned by the current user.

Column Datatype NULL Description
REG_ID NUMBER   Registration ID
SUBSCRIPTION_NAME VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Name of the subscription registration. The subscription name is of the form schema.queue if the registration is for a single consumer queue or schema.queue:consumer_name if the registration is for a multi-consumer queue.
LOCATION_NAME VARCHAR2(256) NOT NULL Location endpoint of the registration
USER# NUMBER NOT NULL Internally generated user ID
USER_CONTEXT RAW(128)   Context the user provided during registration of PL/SQL registrations or an internally generated context for OCI registrations
CONTEXT_SIZE NUMBER   Size of the context
NAMESPACE VARCHAR2(9)   Namespace of the subscription registration:

  • AQ


PRESENTATION VARCHAR2(7)   Presentation format of notifications:
  • DEFAULT - Binary

  • XML

VERSION VARCHAR2(5)   Database version:
  • 8.1.6

  • 10.2

  • 11.1

STATUS VARCHAR2(8)   Status of the registration:
  • DB REG - Database registration

  • LDAP REG - LDAP registration

ANY_CONTEXT ANYDATA   AnyData user context (used for Streams replication registrations)
CONTEXT_TYPE NUMBER   Type of the user context
QOSFLAGS VARCHAR2(13)   Quality of service of the registration:
  • RELIABLE - Reliable notifications persist across instance and database restarts

  • PAYLOAD - Payload delivery is required. It is only supported for client notification and only for RAW queues.

  • PURGE_ON_NTFN - Registration is to be purged automatically when the first notification is delivered to this registration location

PAYLOAD_CALLBACK VARCHAR2(4000)   Any callback registered to serialize the notification payload
TIMEOUT TIMESTAMP(6)   Registration timeout
REG_TIME TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE   Time of the registration
NTFN_GROUPING_CLASS VARCHAR2(4)   Notification grouping class
NTFN_GROUPING_VALUE NUMBER   Notification grouping value
NTFN_GROUPING_TYPE VARCHAR2(7)   Notification grouping type:

  • LAST

NTFN_GROUPING_START_TIME TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE   Notification grouping start time
NTFN_GROUPING_REPEAT_COUNT VARCHAR2(40)   Notification grouping repeat count, or FOREVER