MAP_OBJECT displays the hierarchical arrangement of storage containers for objects. Each row in the table represents a level in the hierarchy.

Column Datatype NULL Description
OBJECT_NAME VARCHAR2(2000)   Name of the object
OBJECT_OWNER VARCHAR2(2000)   Owner of the object
OBJECT_TYPE VARCHAR2(2000)   Object type
FILE_MAP_IDX NUMBER   File index (corresponds to FILE_MAP_IDX in V$MAP_FILE)
DEPTH NUMBER   Element depth within the I/O stack
ELEM_IDX NUMBER   Index corresponding to the element
CU_SIZE NUMBER   Contiguous set of logical blocks of the file (in HKB units) that is resident contiguously on the element
STRIDE NUMBER   Number of HKB between contiguous units (CU) in the file that are contiguous on this element. Used in RAID5 and striped files.
NUM_CU NUMBER   Number of contiguous units that are adjacent to each other on this element that are separated by STRIDE HKB in the file. In RAID5, the number of contiguous units also include the parity stripes.
ELEM_OFFSET NUMBER   Element offset (in HKB units)
FILE_OFFSET NUMBER   Offset (in HKB units) from the start of the file to the first byte of the contiguous units
PARITY_POS NUMBER   Position of the parity. Only for RAID5. This field is needed to distinguish the parity from the data part.
PARITY_PERIOD NUMBER   Parity period. Only for RAID5.