PLUGGABLE_SET_CHECK contains pluggable set checks.

Column Datatype NULL Description
OBJ1_OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Owner of the object
OBJ1_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Object 1
OBJ1_SUBNAME VARCHAR2(30)   SubObject1Name
OBJ1_TYPE VARCHAR2(15)   Object Type
TS1_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Tablespace containing Object 1
OBJ2_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Object Name
OBJ2_SUBNAME VARCHAR2(30)   SubObject2Name
OBJ2_TYPE VARCHAR2(15)   Object Type
OBJ2_OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Object owner of second object
TS2_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Tablespace containing Object 1
CONSTRAINT_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of dependent constraint
REASON VARCHAR2(79)   Reason for Pluggable check violation
MESG_ID NUMBER   The message ID