This illustration shows a flowchart with the following information:

Complete the following steps:

  1. Connect as system at master site.

  2. Create replication administrator.

  3. Grant privileges to replication administrator.

  4. Register propagator.

  5. Register receiver.

  6. Schedule purge at master site.

    Question: Add materialized view support? Choices: Yes or No

    If yes, complete the Step 7. If no, skip to next question.

  7. Create proxy master site users.

    Question: Add another site?* Choices: Yes or No

    If yes, start at Step 1 to add the new site. If no, complete the following steps.

  8. Create database links between master sites.

  9. Create scheduled links.

These steps are explained in detailed in the rest of this chapter.

*Multiple master sites (multimaster replication) can be used only with the Enterprise Edition of Oracle.