This screenshot shows the Enterprise Manager Automatic Storage Management Disk Group detailed information page.

This screenshot shows the disk group information for a disk group called BAR.

On the upper left side of the page the following information is listed under General:

On the left side of the page, directly underneath the General information, the following information is listed under Advanced Attributes:

In the upper center of the screen is a pie chart showing Current Disk Group Usage (GB) in the following categories:

On the upper right of the screen is a bar chart showing Disk Group Daily Space Usage History (Last 7 Days).

At the bottom of the page is a list of Member Disks in the disk group. The list shows the following information:

You can sort the list with the options in the View pull down list.

For each disk in the list, there is a Select field. When a disk is selected, you can click on the Resize, Online, Offline, Recover Bad Blocks, or Remove button that is located above the list. There is also an Add button for adding disks to the disk group.