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Oracle Database Lite Online Documentation Library
10g Release 3 (10.3.0)

Getting Started

Oracle Database Lite

Oracle Database Lite enables the delivery and operation of secure, personalized applications to embedded and mobile devices. You can develop and deploy database applications for embedded and mobile environments with persistent access to critical information and applications without requiring continuous connectivity to back-end enterprise systems.

When you click on the Documentation tab, you have access to the Oracle Database Lite documentation, as follows:

  1. The Oracle Database Lite Getting Started Guide provides the following:
    • a conceptual overview of how to design your project
    • the details of the pre-installation requirements
    • how to install the product
    • how to upgrade to this version
    • examples of how to start applications on separate client platforms.
  2. The Oracle Database Lite Administration Guide is created for administrator of the Mobile Server. The details included are how to configure the Mobile Server, the Mobile repository, the Oracle Lite database, Synchronization, the Mobile clients and other details.
  3. The Oracle Database Lite Developer's Guide describes the development details for creating the application, defining the subscription, publishing the application, and other details.
  4. The Oracle Database Lite Troubleshooting and Tuning Guide provides information on how to react to certain issues as well as to tune the system to perform well in your environment.
  5. The Oracle Database Lite SQL Reference is for developers in developing the SQL portion of their application. The Oracle Database Lite SQL is not the same as Oracle Database SQL.
  6. The Oracle Database Lite Error Message Guide provides a list of all error messages and any actions you can take, if possible.