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Features and Benefits of Siebel Anywhere

Siebel Anywhere allows the Siebel system administrator to distribute software upgrades to Siebel Developer Web Clients, Siebel Mobile Web Clients, and Siebel Servers. Upgrades can include custom configurations, some new versions of Siebel Business Applications (as licensed), custom extensions to the database schema, custom files, or third-party files or applications.

NOTE:  Siebel Anywhere is not designed to apply kits to Siebel Tools.

Siebel Anywhere provides the following mechanisms:

  • Configuration control to make sure users are connecting to a system with the appropriate software components.
  • Creation and packaging of upgrade components for distribution to users.
  • Distribution to provide users with acceptable version levels of upgrade components.

For information about how administrators and end users work with Siebel Anywhere, see How Siebel Anywhere Is Used. For information about how Siebel Anywhere performs its functions, see How Siebel Anywhere Versions Work.

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