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Siebel Anywhere File Attachments

This section briefly describes how Siebel Anywhere works with file attachments. Siebel Anywhere stores two kinds of file attachments in the Siebel File System:

  • Individual upgrade kit item files. Upgrade kit item files are files that are included when a particular upgrade kit is built. Examples include CFG files for configuration upgrade kits and Siebel Repository Files (SRF files) for repository upgrade kits. Depending on the component type being upgraded, an upgrade kit may need to include zero, one, or multiple upgrade kit item files. These files are stored in the Siebel File System after you click Finish in the Upgrade Kit Wizard. The files should be visible in the Siebel File System as soon as the status of the upgrade kit record is Pending in the Upgrade Kits view. In the Siebel File System, individual upgrade kit item files are assigned file names that have the format S_UPG_KIT_IARG_ROW_ID_REV_NO.SAF.
  • Complete upgrade kit files. These are the files that end users will download. Each upgrade kit file contains instructions for updating a specific Siebel component. Some types of upgrade kit files also contain one or more upgrade kit item files, as described earlier in this section. If upgrade kit item files are specified in the Upgrade Kit Wizard, the specified files are incorporated into the complete upgrade kit file when the kit is built. Complete upgrade kit files are stored in the Siebel File System after you activate the upgrade kit. In the Siebel File System, complete upgrade kit files are assigned file names that have the format S_UPG_KIT_ROW_ID_REV_NO.SAF.

The file name extension SAF is used for all Siebel file attachments, including Siebel Anywhere file attachments. In Siebel Anywhere file attachment names, ROW_ID is a unique number combination that identifies the upgrade kit record in the database, and REV_NO indicates whether the kit has been revised. If you deactivate and reactivate a kit, a new complete upgrade kit file is created, using the same ROW_ID value but a different REV_NO value in the file name.

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