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Retrieving Optional Upgrade Kits for Developer Web Clients

Developer Web Clients can retrieve optional upgrade kits as described in the following procedure.

To retrieve an optional kit for a Developer Web Client

  1. Invoke the Developer Web Client.
  2. From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > User Preferences > Component Upgrades.

    In the Component Upgrades list, the upgrade status should be Upgrade Available for those components where optional kits are available. If you do not see the Upgrade Available status for the component you want to upgrade, contact your Siebel administrator, as this discrepancy may indicate a configuration problem.

    After the administrator corrects the problem, refresh your own view of the Component Upgrades list and reinspect the upgrade status for components that have optional kits.

  3. In the Component Upgrades list, select the desired upgrade component, and select the check box in the Upgrade column for the desired upgrade component.
  4. Click Upgrade Selected Components.

    This will download the upgrade kit, shut down the Developer Web Client application, and launch the Upgrade Wizard. After the Upgrade Wizard completes, it will automatically restart the Developer Web Client application. For some Third-Party upgrade kits, the client computer may shut down and restart.

  5. Log in and, from the Component Upgrades list, verify the Status is Version OK for the desired upgrade component.
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