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About Client Upgrade Error Recovery

Before beginning the upgrade process, the Upgrade Wizard makes a backup copy of every file affected by the upgrade. If errors are encountered in the upgrade process, the Upgrade Wizard stops processing. A message indicates that the Upgrade Wizard did not complete successfully and that you should examine the log file for details. It also indicates to restart the Siebel application and attempt the upgrade again.

The next time the user restarts the Siebel client, a prompt appears that states there had been an upgrade in process.

After the user clicks OK, another prompt appears where the user can cancel the upgrade or restart the upgrade from the point of failure. Canceling the upgrade will result in a cleanup. The user will not be able to restart this upgrade.

The Siebel Upgrade Wizard functionality includes error recovery for upgrades on individual files, such as database schema extensions, client configurations or SRF files. However, rolling back upgrades always requires manual intervention.

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