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Creating Kits That Check DLL File Versions

Sometimes you may need to upgrade third-party software based upon the version of a particular DLL file. An example would be an ODBC upgrade on a client, based upon the version of the file odbcint.dll.

The following procedure describes how to create a custom component and an upgrade kit that check the version of a particular DLL file.

To create an upgrade component and kit for DLL version check

  1. From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Siebel Anywhere.
  2. From the link bar, select Upgrade Component List.

    The Upgrade Components list appears.

  3. Create an Upgrade Component and specify the field values shown in the following table.


    Upgrade Component Name

    Component Type

    Third-Party Software

    Locate Method


    Locate Information


    Version Method


    In this table, the value for Locate Information points to the registry hkey, subkey and a specific value that points to the DLL file you wish to version check.

    For example:


    If the registry value is DefaultIcon, then the value_name must be omitted. This value in the registry will then point to the specific DLL file.

    For example:


  4. After creating the custom component, as described in the previous steps of this procedure, define the upgrade kit as described in Defining Upgrade Kits.

    When defining the Upgrade Kit, remember to select the name of the custom upgrade component (created above) when the Upgrade Kit Wizard page appears.

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