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Failed Upgrade Kit Locks Administrator's Account

If the Siebel administrator's account is locked out due to a failed upgrade kit, the following procedure will help you recover.

It is also sometimes possible to log in as a Web Client that does not have version checking or upgrades, and take corrective measures to resolve the issue related to the failed upgrade.

To unlock the Siebel administrator

  1. Edit the Siebel administrator's CFG file by changing the ComponentName parameter to None.

    This change will prevent the Siebel client from performing any version checking. If you dynamically associated the System Administrator account with a configuration, contact Siebel Technical Support for assistance to help resolve this issue.

    CAUTION:  Dynamically associating the System Administrator account with any configuration is not recommended, because doing so sometimes prevents the System Administrator from logging in.

  2. If the upgrade kit failed while the Siebel Upgrade Wizard was running, then delete the file upgwiz.ucf in the \bin directory.

    The Siebel client always checks for the existence of the file upgwiz.ucf in the \bin directory to find out if it was in the middle of an upgrade.

  3. Log in to the system to determine the reason for the failed upgrade, and take corrective measures.

    Presumably, the other subscribers to your original configuration are also affected.

  4. Test your solutions using the Siebel Test Client configuration.
  5. After testing the upgrade kit thoroughly, distribute the correct upgrade kit to every appropriate configuration.

    Remember to change the value of the ComponentName parameter to its original value in the CFG.

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