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Planning Upgrade Test Details

It is important to plan your upgrade kit testing ahead of time, to make sure that you create any needed infrastructure elements and choose appropriate settings when you create the upgrade kit.

The following general recommendations are useful for most test plans:

  • Create all upgrade kits as optional kits. This facilitates testing by letting you request an upgrade at your convenience. (A required kit may or may not prompt you to upgrade when you start the application, depending on version requirements and test client version.) After you have verified that an optional upgrade kit installs correctly, you can change it to a required kit, if you wish, and retest its installation using another test client.
  • Distribute a new upgrade kit to a test configuration (such as the Test Client Configuration) before distributing it to production configurations. If necessary, create such a test configuration ahead of time, and make sure that it has appropriate test employee logins assigned to it, either by means of configuration files or dynamic assignments.
  • Test each upgrade kit with both Mobile Web Clients and Developer Web Clients.
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