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About Delegated Assignment

Delegated assignment provides people (positions) other than the assignment administrator the ability to create and manage assignment rules. The top assignment administrator (AA) position can delegate rule administration to other positions and partners to route leads, activities, accounts, and other objects to employees or positions. These delegates are known DAs. DAs can, in turn, delegate assignment rule administration to other DAs. This hierarchical assignment rule inheritance feature is well-suited to sales organizations and organizations that work closely with partners.

NOTE:  Prior to version 7.7, the assignment administrator was the only person responsible for administering assignment rules.

Delegated assignment allows AAs the ability to enforce core business logic using rule inheritance, while allowing delegated administrators (DAs) the ability to further refine that logic and specialize their assignment rules for their unique circumstances.

However, DAs can only inherit rules from their parent rule group. When inheriting a rule, DAs are allowed to choose only from rules in the parent rule group in which the owner of their rule group is currently a candidate (employee or position). The logic specified on a rule is enforced on all inherited rules by making sure that the rule contains nonremovable and noneditable copies of all criteria from the parent rule. DAs can further refine the rule's logic, by adding new criteria to inherited rules by either creating new criteria or by adding and modifying criteria templates. DAs can also delete any rule they choose to inherit from the parent rule group. Candidates (employees and positions) of rules are not inherited, so users can choose anyone their organization visibility allows as a candidate. Workload criteria, organization workload criteria, and organizations are not inherited.

If you plan to use delegated assignment, the top AA position must first prepare the assignment rules for inheritance. After a rule is inherited and changes are made to the original rule—such as, adding criteria to, expiring, or deleting the rule—those changes are propagated down the hierarchy to all rules that were inherited from it.

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