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Process of Making an Assignment Rule Inheritable

By associating positions to the inheritance access list for an assignment rule, you make that rule inheritable for use by child rule groups (accessible by the rule group's owners and designees). Assignment administrators (AAs and DAs) can make an assignment rule inheritable as long as they have access to the rule.

To make assignment rules inheritable, you perform the following tasks:

  1. Creating Child Assignment Rule Groups

    You must first create a child rule group from a parent rule group, setting the Parent Rule Group field to the current rule group.

  2. Adding Owners to the Inheritance Access List

    After creating the child rule group, you add the owner of the child rule group to the inheritance access list for the rule.

    NOTE:  Unless the owner of a rule group is on the inheritance access list, that owner (and his or her designees) cannot inherit a rule.

  3. (Optional) Adding Criteria Templates to Assignment Rules

    Optionally, you can add criteria templates to an assignment rule. DAs then have the option to apply the criteria templates to their inherited rules in lieu of creating new criteria.

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