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Important Assignment Manager Resources

Assignment Manager is just one of many server processes available in Siebel Business Applications. Several other server processes, not fully documented in this guide, contribute to Assignment Manager functionality. The resources described in this topic provide additional information relevant to Assignment Manager.

Technical Documentation

The following Siebel documentation should be used as additional references when using Assignment Manager with these processes:

  • Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for information about business processes and workflows
  • Object Types Reference for descriptions of and usage comments for assignment object properties
  • Using Siebel Tools for information about how to modify standard Siebel objects and create new objects to meet your organization's business requirements.
  • Siebel Deployment Documentation Suite, including:
    • Siebel System Administration Guide for details on how to administer, maintain, and expand your Siebel servers
    • Configuring Siebel Business Applications for information about configuring Siebel Business Applications using Siebel Tools
    • Deployment Planning Guide to familiarize yourself with the basics of the underlying Siebel application architecture
    • System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications
    • Going Live with Siebel Business Applications for information about how to migrate customizations from the development environment to the production environment
    • Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications for information about built-in seed data in the enterprise database, such as employee, position, and organization records.
    • Performance Tuning Guide for information about tuning and monitoring specific areas of the Siebel applications architecture and infrastructure, such as the Siebel Server infrastructure and Siebel Workflow.
  • Siebel Data Model Reference for information about how data used by Siebel applications is stored in a standard third-party relational DBMS such as DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle as well as defines some of the data integrity constraints validated by Siebel Business Applications. Plan to use this guide for data entry, running limited scope queries, and managing processes like call scripting.
  • Siebel eScript Language Reference for information about writing scripts to extend Assignment Manager functionary.
  • Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide for information about one way of triggering assignments.

Siebel SupportWeb

This Siebel technical support Web site provides search-engine access to the Siebel Bookshelf, Technical Notes, Siebel Alerts, troubleshooting information, and other important information. SupportWeb is located at

  • System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb. This document contains a definitive list of system requirements and supported platforms for the release, including the following:
    • Information on supported third-party products
    • A description of supported upgrade paths
    • Lists of product and feature limitations; either unavailable in the release or in certain operating environments

      It is located on the SupportWeb Knowledge Base at Product Documentation > System Requirements and Supported Platforms & Miscellaneous Documentation.

  • Release Notes on Siebel SupportWeb. The Release Notes document contains only the most current information on known product anomalies and workarounds and may contain late-breaking information that the Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide may not yet contain. Release Notes are located on the SupportWeb Knowledge Base at Product Documentation > Release Notes.
  • Maintenance Release Guides. Maintenance Release guides contain important information about updates to applications in maintenance releases. Maintenance release guides are located on SupportWeb at Product Documentation > Maintenance Release Guides.
  • Technical Notes. Technical notes provide important information on specific Assignment Manager issues. Technical Notes related to Assignment Manager are located on SupportWeb at Technical Notes > Assignment Manager/Territory Assignment. Technical Notes of particular importance include:
    • Technical Note 527 provides information about setting up the Activity assignment object for availability-based assignment.
    • Technical Note 436 provides information about troubleshooting issues for Dynamic Assignment.
    • Technical Note 27 provides information about how to configure Siebel Sales Enterprise to support additional territory assignment options.
  • FAQs. Frequently asked questions provide important information on various Assignment Manager topics. FAQs of particular importance include:
    • FAQ 2202
    • FAQ 1629
    • FAQ 1004
    • FAQ 1762
  • Siebel Alerts. Alerts provide time-critical information on key product behaviors and issues. Siebel Alerts about Assignment Manager issues are located on SupportWeb at Siebel Alerts > Product Areas > Assignment Manager/Territory Assignment.
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