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Modes for Processing Assignment Rules

As of version 7.8, Assignment Manager supports two modes for processing assignment rules—the reporting mode and the production mode. By default, Assignment Manager processes assignment rules in the production mode.

NOTE:  Before version 7.8, only the production mode was available.

Reporting Mode

Assignment Manager provides a special mode for processing assignment rules that allows Assignment Administrators (AAs) to run and preview trial assignments for what-if analysis before making actual assignments. Reporting mode stages the simulated assignments into a set of temporary results tables, known as reporting tables, rather than into the actual database tables. After this staging process is complete, AAs review the results and when satisfied, apply those changes by executing Assignment Manager in production mode.

Production Mode

The production mode is the mode in which actual assignments are made. Assignments are written into the team tables (account/position or contact/position tables) in the Siebel Enterprise database.

For example, an AA might want to perform trial runs to confirm new assignment rules in the reporting mode. After accomplishing satisfactory results, the AA can then apply the same changes in the production mode.

NOTE:  Reporting assignment and regular assignment are mutually exclusive operations that you can perform in any combination, that is, in reporting mode alone, production mode alone, or both. Irrespective of whether reporting is turned on or off, Assignment Manager can write evaluation results to an actual assignment table.

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