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About Assignment Scoring

Siebel Assignment Manager determines which candidates are assigned to objects by applying scores to potential candidates. Assignment Manager then ranks the candidates based on their scores and selects assignees based on the assignee filter.

Assignment Manager calculates the total score for each candidate from each assignment rule from the:

  • Assignment rule score
  • Assignment criteria score
  • Assignment criteria values score (according to the appropriate inclusion method)
  • Workload criteria score
  • Employee, position, or organization score (depending on the candidate)

NOTE:  Before implementing Assignment Manager, you should carefully consider the value for each score. Use scores to assign weights to your criteria. If there are multiple criteria, assign a higher score to the more important attributes. This is especially useful for finding the best match when not all criteria are required.

Using Siebel Tools, you can configure Assignment Manager to save the scores of candidates who are assigned to an object. Other Siebel application modules can then access the saved candidate scores for various purposes. For example, you might want to produce analysis reports for employee utilization. Alternately, you can expose the scores to users for review and sorting.

The scores of each candidate are stored in the appropriate team table by specifying the Employee Team Score Column, Position Team Score Column, and Organization Team Score Column for the assignment object. Team member scores are written independently for each type of candidate (employees, positions, and organizations).

You can also configure Assignment Manager to add scores across assignment rules. For more information about this, see the Add Scores across Rules (AddScores) parameter in Configuring Assignment Manager to Add Scores Across Rules.

NOTE:  Typically, you plan your scoring methodology during the design phase. However, you can add scores to assignment rules at any time, but you must release the rules in order for the changes to take affect.

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