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Deactivating Assignment Policies to Disable Dynamic Assignment

You may find at some point that you no longer need certain assignment rules. When this occurs, you can deactivate those assignment rules. To disable dynamic assignment for an assignment object, deactivate the assignment policy for that object.

NOTE:  Assignment Manager uses the database time to determine whether a rule is active or not.

To deactivate an assignment policy to disable dynamic assignment

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Assignment screen > Assignment Policies view.
  2. In the Assignment Policies list, select the assignment policy you want to deactivate.
  3. In the Expiration field, set the value to a date that has already passed.

Workflow components process only active assignment policies that have not expired; therefore, you can deactivate an assignment policy by expiring it.

NOTE:  After deactivating an assignment policy, you must generate triggers again for the changes to take effect.

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