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About Running Dynamic Assignment

Dynamic assignment is a feature that works transparently as existing records change or new records are created. For example, you can set up dynamic assignment to automatically assign a service request to an owner when a new record is created or reassign a service request to another owner if the service request is updated.

Dynamic assignment is especially useful in a deployment where users and server programs make frequent changes to the assignment object records (such as service requests and activities) because dynamic assignment can automatically determine the changes and assign the objects to the appropriate people and organizations.

The dynamic assignment process uses the underlying database triggers feature. When a record is modified, either by a user or by another server process like EAI, workflow, and so on, the database trigger (setup by the Generate Triggers server component) captures the changes, and queues the assignment request into the S_ESCL_REQ (escalation request) table. The Workflow Monitor Agent then polls S_ESCL_REQ periodically and assigns the object by internally invoking Assignment Manager within its own process.

NOTE:  By default, the Server Request Broker and the Assignment Manager server components are not explicitly used in dynamic assignment.


Dynamic assignment requires that:

  • Triggers are generated using Generate Triggers component
  • Workflow Monitor Agent is running
  • Assignment policies are set and activated
  • (Optional) If you are using skills, make sure the MaxSkillsAge server component parameter is set to a value greater than 0 seconds

    NOTE:  Dynamic assignment can refresh employee, position, and organization skills from the database if changes are made to these items. The MaxSkillsAge program argument, if activated, forces Assignment Manager to reload this information. By default, this argument is not set. For more information about this parameter, see Modifying the Assignment Manager Server Component Parameters.

Workflow Monitor Agent

To run dynamic assignment, a Workflow Monitor Agent task must be running. A Workflow Monitor Agent detects when a user changes data related to objects. For more information about Workflow Monitor Agent, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

Generate Triggers

The Generate Triggers server component generates the database triggers used by Workflow Manager to detect changes. Generate Triggers reads the Workflow Policy Object and Assignment Object definitions in the Siebel repository and generates the appropriate database triggers to monitor changes.

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