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Reviewing Triggers for Dynamic Assignment

The database triggers created by the Generate Triggers server component detect record changes in the Siebel database and place an assignment request in the S_ESCL_REQ (escalation request) table for the Workflow Monitor Agent to pick up the request and invoke the Assignment Server. However, triggers generated for Assignment Manager can reference other database columns not associated with assignment rules.

CAUTION:  Make sure triggers are generated only for an assignment policy's criteria. Large data loads can experience performance issues otherwise.

Do not modify the database triggers. However, before generating or applying triggers for dynamic assignment, you might want to review the trigger.sql file. It is recommended you work with your database administrator to do so.

NOTE:  If you discover redundant triggers, you need to deactivate the appropriate assignment criteria and assignment attribute using Siebel Tools.

To review triggers for dynamic assignment

  1. Use Siebel Tools, or view the trigger.sql file (/Siebel Root/Siebsrvr/trigger.sql), to examine the appropriate table columns.

    For more information about using Siebel Tools, see Using Siebel Tools.

  2. Disable the inappropriate columns by inactivating the assignment attribute column.

    For detailed information, see Disabling Assignment Attributes.

    If you inactivate only the assignment attribute column and leave the assignment attribute and assignment criteria active, then the assignment criteria appears in the user interface in the assignment administration views, which means you can create assignment rules based on that criteria. The following is the result of this action based on whether or not the Employee Skill field is checked:

    • If the Employee Skill field is checked, then the assignment criteria is skill-based and, as such, should continue to work for assignment rules. For example, the criteria works if you run batch assignment because that mode does not rely on triggers.
    • If the Employee Skill field is not checked, then the assignment criteria is object-based, and as such, relies on a valid assignment attribute column configuration. If you attempt to create assignment rules, you get an error message when the task is run.
  3. Drop and regenerate new triggers.

    See Generating Triggers for Dynamic Assignment Using the UI.

  4. Recheck the trigger.sql file, to confirm that the trigger is no longer active.

NOTE:  When dynamic assignment is running, due to the database concurrency feature, some users might receive the following error when attempting to modify a record: "The selected record has been modified by another user since it was received. Please continue." This can occur because Assignment Manager updated the record by assigning it while an user was trying to edit it. In this situation, the user's changes may be lost. The solution is to refresh the query and reenter the changes.

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