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About Using an Object Where Clause to Restrict the Number of Records Processed

The Object WHERE Clause (ObjWhereClause) parameter can be used to restrict which records are retrieved and processed. Standard SQL WHERE statements are used for the Object WHERE Clause and can include up to 2048 characters when an assignment server job is started using the command-line interface. However, when you start an assignment server job from the UI, you can only specify up to 100 characters. Also, when using wildcards in the object WHERE clause, make sure you use the correct wildcard specific to your database.

The following object WHERE clause examples for the Account assignment object are provided as a guideline. Assignment administrators should work with their database administrator to generate optimal SQL for their implementation.

As an example, the following conditions for the Account assignment object can apply:

  • Joins are allowed in the Object WHERE Clause.

    An example of a join is as follows:

    Object Where Clause = where pr_postn_id in (select row_id from s_postn where name = 'Sales Rep')

  • The Object WHERE Clause assumes the base table is coming from the assignment object specified.

    If you start batch assignment specifying the assignment object as Account and the Object WHERE Clause is where row_id = '1-232', then batch assignment attempts to assign only the row_id = '1-232' from the S_ORG_EXT table.

The following is an example of a batch assignment request using the command-line interface:

start task for component AsgnBatch with AsgnObjName= "Account", AsgnMode="MatchAssign", ObjWhereClause="where name like 'B%'"

Optionally, you can use the command-line interface and the Object WHERE Clause to run only a select number of assignment rule groups. The following is an example of this:

start task for comp asgnbatch with asgnobjname="Account", objwhereclause="where name like 'B%'", asgnkey="12-4DR56"

In this example, 12-4DR56 is the row ID of an assignment rule group, and only those rules belonging to this group are evaluated when this parameter is passed in the request.

NOTE:  When using the command-line interface, use double quotation marks for the ObjWhereClause parameter; otherwise, it is treated as a SRVRMGR command option that changes the case.

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