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Using Revise to Copy or Revise a Quote

This procedure uses the Revise button to copy or revise a quote.

NOTE:  The first version remains inactive and remains for historical tracking, but the user can mark the previous version as Active and then revise it.

To use Revise to copy or revise a quote

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen > List view.
  2. Select a quote record that you want to copy or revise.
  3. Click Revise.

    The following action occurs:

    • All appropriate data is copied to the new record, including the Name and Quote Number fields, excluding the Revision field.
    • The quote number remains the same.
    • The number in the Revision field increases.
    • The previous revision deactivates.
    • All line items and the price list are copied.
    • The status is set to the first status value (usually In Progress).
    • The Date field reflects today's date.
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