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Scenario for Tracking Automotive Service History Scenario

This section provides scenarios for service history. The order in which the procedures are performed may vary based on the business practices of the end user's company.

Usually, dealers report service history for vehicles that are under warranty, using the same manufacturer-provided interface that they use to report sales. The manufacturer can import this data into Siebel Automotive using EIM.

The service history is automatically visible to the servicing dealer. If the value in the Servicing Dealer field is the organization of the employee who is logged in, then that employee is able to view the service history.

A customer buys a vehicle from a dealer and sets up a maintenance plan with the dealership. After 1,500 miles, the customer schedules an oil change with the dealership's service department.

After the oil change, the dealership logs the service, and the information is shared with the manufacturer. The dealer is aware of all services performed on the vehicle, and the next time the customer comes to the dealer Web site to track his service and repair history, the manufacturer is able to market other products to him.

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