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Researching and Resolving a Service Request

Use this procedure to resolve an open service request based on solutions that exist in the system. In this case, the appropriate solution is attached to the service request for reference and is used by other representatives in resolving similar service issues in the future.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Service Requests.

To research and resolve a service request

  1. Navigate to the Service Requests screen > Service Requests List view.
  2. Drill down on the SR # field link for a selected service request record that you want to resolve.
  3. To view related service requests, click the Related SRs view tab to see if the problem has been solved before.

    NOTE:  You can also view additional information on the Decisions Issues tab.


    You find a relevant service request

    Use Attach to attach it to the current service request.

    A solution is still needed

    Perform a full knowledge search and attach any relevant solutions to the current service request.

  4. From the Status field drop-down list, select Closed.

    NOTE:  When selecting Closed, the system automatically sets the Sub Status field to Resolved and populates the current date and time in the Closed field.

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