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Scenario for Working with Vehicles

This scenario is an example of a workflow performed by the administrator and end user. Your company may follow a different workflow according to its business requirements.

A call center representative for an automotive manufacturer receives an inbound call from a customer who has a question about getting service for his car. The call center representative asks the caller for the vehicle's VIN, but he does not know it. She searches on his last name and phone number in the Contacts view, and then she goes to the Contact Vehicles view to find that two vehicles are associated with this contact. From the vehicle make and model, she identifies the correct vehicle identification number (VIN) and drills down on the VIN to access the Vehicles screen.

NOTE:  The VIN is unique for each vehicle.

On the Vehicles screen, the call center representative finds detailed information about the vehicle, such as where and when it was built, its service and transaction history, and the individual contacts and accounts that are associated with the vehicle.

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