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About Financial Accounts

A financial account is an instance of a financial product. For example, a lease account is an instance of an Asset Finance product. Therefore an asset finance product must first be established in Siebel Automotive. This product should correspond to the financial account type that is being retrieved from the back-end system. For more information about setting up products, see the section about products and pricing in the Siebel Finance Guide.

Siebel Automotive provides users with information about the financial accounts in their portfolios. In order to view data relevant for each individual account, Siebel Automotive dynamically modifies certain applets to provide information that is specific to certain financial account products.

For example, for Asset Finance, Siebel Automotive displays the maturity date, APR, term, originating dealer, vehicle, payoff amounts, and so on. It is the Type attribute that determines the set of detailed information displayed for financial accounts associated with the product. For additional information about Types, see the Siebel Finance Guide.

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