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Entering Turn-In Information at the End of a Vehicle Lease

If the lessor does not want to renew the lease, the dealer also enters turn in information, receiving the car from the lessor.

To enter turn-in information

  1. In Siebel Dealer, navigate to the Financial Accounts screen > Financial Accounts list view.
  2. In the Financial Accounts list, click the account number of the financial account you want to work with.
  3. Click the Asset Turn In view tab.
  4. Add a new record to the Asset Turn In list and complete the necessary fields, described in the following table.

    Turn-in Date

    Enter the date the vehicle was turned in.

    Asset # / VIN

    Select the vehicle identification number of the vehicle being turned in.

    Current Mileage

    Enter the vehicle's odometer reading.

    Partner / Dealer

    Select the dealer organization where the vehicle was turned in.

    Partner Contact

    Select the dealer employee who received the turned-in vehicle.

    Work Phone #

    Displays this employee's phone number.

    Main Fax #

    Displays this employee's fax number.

    Turn-in Type

    Select the type of turn in. Options are: Final, Temporary.

    Inspection Status

    Select the status of the vehicle inspection. Options are: Completed, Pending, Scheduled.

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