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Siebel Partner Manager and Siebel Automotive Screens

The overview chapter of Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide describes the screens of Siebel Partner Manager that are used for managing partners.

When you work with Siebel Dealer, you can use Siebel Automotive for managing dealers. Siebel Automotive includes the screens that are specific to managing dealers, such as the Dealer Administration screen and the Dealers screen.

Siebel Automotive includes the following screens with information specific to the automotive industry, which are not available in Siebel PRM:

  • Dealers. The Dealers screen lets you record general information about your dealers. It also helps you manage your relationship with your dealers. For example, it lets you work with the Dealer Profile, and it lets you enter and look up dealer management activities, contacts, and hours.
  • Dealer Operations. The Dealer Operations screen lets dealer managers at the OEM view the transactional data for a given dealer, to give you an overall view of the dealer's operations. You can look up a dealer, and see its accounts, contacts, opportunities, orders, quotes, and service requests.
  • Dealer Administration. The Dealer Administration screen lets you do much of the work that you must do to add a new dealer company, such as adding a record for the dealer, assigning user IDs and passwords to dealer users, and approving and registering dealer companies. In this screen you can complete the necessary steps to get a dealer company started, including creating a new organization and putting it in the proper place in the hierarchy. You can also administer dealer information, such as adding or changing information about users, or about the dealer organization.
  • Vehicles. Provides information about vehicles.
  • Sales History. Tracks the history of sales to each customer.
  • Service History. Tracks the history of service to each customer.

The Dealer, Dealer Operations, and Dealer Administration screens are specific to working with dealers. In addition to these screens, the Partner, Partner Operations, and Partner Administration screens, used to work with other types of partners.

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