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Changing Types of Activities Displayed in the Dealer Dashboard

The dealer dashboards display the employee's activities for the current day, as described in Using Siebel Dealer Dashboards (Dealer).

There are more than 250 activity types, and dealers would not want to view most of them in the Activities applet of the dashboard.

By default, the dashboard displays the following types of activities:

  • Appointment
  • Call - Outbound
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Other
  • Warranty Service
  • Dealership Visit

You can change which activities are displayed in the dashboard by using List of Values view of the Data Administration screen. An activity type is listed in the dashboard if it is included in List of Values view with EAUTO_ACT_SUM_TYPE in the Type field.

To change the types of activities displayed in the dashboard

  1. Navigate to the List of Values view of the Data Administration screen.
  2. Query to find all records that have EAUTO_ACT_SUM_TYPE.
  3. To remove activity types from the dashboard, delete one or more of these records.
  4. To add activity types to the dashboard:
    1. Add one or more records to the List of Values list.
    2. In the Type field, enter EAUTO_ACT_SUM_TYPE.
    3. In the Value and Language Independent Code fields, enter exactly the same values used in the Activity record.
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