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Setting Up the Team Calendar

Managers at dealer companies can use the team calendar on the Dealer Dashboard to view the calendars of all the employees who report to them, which helps them to schedule meetings and other activities. For more information, see Using Siebel Dealer Dashboards (Dealer).

Before dealer managers can use this calendar, you must set it up by using User Administration screen to enter the manager on the employees' contact teams.

For example, if a manager named Sam Morris wants to use the team calendar to view the calendars of Scott Chan and Sarah Cole, you must find the records of Scott Chan and Sarah Cole in the User Administration screen, and add Sam Morris to the contact team of these employees.

To allow a manager to view the calendar of a team member

  1. Navigate to the Administration - User screen.
  2. In the Persons list, select the record for the employee whose calendar will be viewed.
  3. In the Contact Team field, click the select button, and use the dialog box to add the manager to the contact team.
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