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Viewing, Inactivating, and Reactivating Subscriptions to Dealer Business Rules

If dealers want to use the business rule templates you have created, they subscribe to the business rule templates, creating individual business rules for each dealer.

You can view the dealers who have subscribed to a business rule template, and you can inactivate any one of these subscriptions or all subscriptions.

For example, you can inactivate all subscriptions to a rule if you are modifying that rule, so dealers do not use it while it is under construction.

After you have finished working on them, you can reactivate the rules. You must reactivate each rule individually.

To view and inactivate subscriptions to business rules

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Business Rules screen.
  2. In the link bar, click Business Rule Templates.
  3. Click the template name of a business rule template.
  4. Click the Subscriptions view tab.
  5. In the Subscriptions list, from the menu, select Inactivate All Business Rules.

    All subscriptions to that business rule template are inactivated.

To reactivate a business rule subscription

  1. Navigate to the Business Rules Subscription screen.
  2. In the link bar, click Business Rules.
  3. In the Business Rules list, select a business rule.
  4. Click Activate.
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