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Changing the Parameters of Dealer Business Rules (Dealer)

When the OEM creates business rule templates, the OEM creates default parameters for each template. For example, if a business rule sends form letters, the default parameters could be the form letter template and the fulfillment house.

Dealers can change these parameters to customize the rule for their own use. The OEM specifies the criteria in the template and the action arguments in the action, and dealers cannot add or remove criteria or actions. Dealers can change the values of the parameters, except for read-only parameters. If the dealer specifies an invalid value for a field, then execution will fail.

Dealers can also deactivate one or more actions for a given rule and leave the others active, to customize the rule so it only executes that actions that they want to use.

To change the parameters of a business rule

  1. Navigate to the Business Rule Subscriptions screen.

    This view lists all business rules that the dealer has subscribed to.

  2. In the Business Rules list, click the name of the business rule whose parameters you want to change.
  3. Click the Actions view tab.
  4. Select an Action.

    Dealers cannot modify these actions. They can only deactivate actions or change their parameters.

  5. To deactivate the action, deselect the Active check box in the Action record.
  6. To modify the parameters for the action, in the Arguments list for the action, choose different parameters.
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